Our Declaration of Principles is a living document, which can be modified and improved over time, following our debates and internal voting within Alianza Futurista about the various relevant issues, and new ideas are approved and incorporated. If you like Aliana Futurista in general, and you want to participate in our debates and internal voting, consider becoming a member and helping us build the future!


The Declaration of Principles, in its present version, includes the original goals and objectives, and some others. They are all in the process of constant debate and optimization, and thus can be modified, polished, improved, refined, or eliminated, as is convenient and approved. But, in general, we prefer to improve and add to them, than to remove from them.



Declaration of Principles



1. The ethical, safe, transparent and democratic development and implementation of emerging sciences and technologies in order to reach, as soon as possible, an age characterized by:


  1. material and immaterial technological abundance which benefits all people and other sentient beings. We want the wellbeing, happiness and protection of as many individuals as is possible. We will place emphasis in the resolution of the gravest problems which affect human beings, but always trying to also help animals, as they are also deserving of our compassion, empathy, respect and ethical consideration.
  2. the development of therapies for all diseases, as well as therapies to stop or reverse biological aging and its consequences and, ultimately, the elimination of involuntary death whenever possible and if the person wishes such. Our most advanced sciences and technologies allow us to foresee the possibility of extreme longevity. We advocate the prompt, judicious use of these new technologies in order to eliminate as soon as possible the cause of 2 of every 3 deaths in the world (100,000 deaths per day): aging.
  3. physical security/safety given present as well as emerging dangers.


2. The defense and protection of minors, both of their physical integrity, and of their psycho-cognitive integrity.


3. The defense and protection of women, as well as that of any minority or ethnicity subjected to abuses and discriminations. This includes the whole LGTB+ community and older persons.


4. Establishing a taxation system inspired in the political philosophy of Henry George, popularly known as Georgism, conveniently revised according to the budgetary needs of a modern welfare/wellbeing State. In particular, we advocate:


  1. Fair Land Value Taxes (LVT), based on the rental market prices of urban and rural land free of improvements, according to location.
  2. Virtual elimination of personal income taxes and general simplification of the tax system.
  3. Virtual elimination of corporate taxes for small and emerging businesses. Virtual elimination of taxes for self-employed individuals.
  4. Reduction of corporate taxes for medium and large companies, following a progressive model. Yearly corporate tax must be calculated ahead of distribution of salaries and compensation bonuses beyond a certain level (“high salaries”).
  5. Reduction of VAT to the minimum permitted by the EU, per our treaties.
  6. Collection of taxes for the use of vehicles according to their exact use on public roads.
  7. Collection of other Georgist taxes, such as “green” or “sin” taxes (applied to polluting companies and activities), electromagnetic spectrum taxes (phone, Internet and TV operators), etc.
  8. Collection of special taxes for the sale of luxury items (luxury vehicles and boats, private jets, etc.).
  9. Reduction of import-export taxes to a minimum.


5. The promotion of the ethical entrepreneurial State, via the investment in public companies capable of producing large profits to be shared by all, via a Universal Basic Income. The general promotion of ethical entrepreneurship.


6. The establishment of a dignified Unconditional Universal Basic Income (UUBI), as well as a voluntary Ethical Conditional Basic Income (ECBI), to serve as additional income, in exchange for social work.


7. The implementation of deep improvements to the education of the citizenry, and the promotion of critical thinking, resistant to any indoctrination, so that our collective decisions can be progressively more informed and conscious. The raising of public awareness about the importance of reason, science and technology.


8. The progressive reduction of the suffering of nonhuman animals. Specifically:


  1. Development of a public health system for animals in need of veterinary care, with free services (i.e., birth control, including castration) for companion animals, etc.
  2. Promotion of alternative products ─food or otherwise─ from those obtained via animal mistreatment or exploitation; in particular, of cell cultured products (in vitro meat), virtually identical to real ones. Adequate investment in R&D efforts, and creation of public companies in order to be global leaders in these technologies.
  3. Childhood education in empathy, compassion and respect towards other animals.



9. The promotion of transparency and sousveillance. In order to promote our  physical security/safety given present as well as emerging dangers (see section 1.3), we propose:


  1. The implementation of coveillance systems , definded as vigilance in both directions: “top down” and “bottom up”.
    1. “Top down” refers to police vigilance to protect the citizen, reduce criminality, arrest criminals, spy on terrorists, etc.
    2. “Bottom up” refers to sousveillance systems, operated by citizenry-based organizations independent of the State, designed to “watch the watchers” and, by extension, those that “rule” (police forces, public servants, etc.) in order to thwart corruption and abuses of power. These entities ─ independent of the State, although initially promoted by the State ─ would have freedom and a legal/political mandate to watch the watchers, as well as large companies which may abuse their power (i.e., abusing the citizen’s confidence, collecting personal data improperly, etc.).
  2. The promotion of circunveillance, defined as the free use of cameras and sensors ─ in and around the individual ─, of life-logging (faithful records of what happens), and technological tools for detection of potential intruders (i.e., microdrones) in private spaces and homes. These systems also allow for the citizen to actively collaborate with both law enforcement (sharing information about criminal activities) and sousveillance entities (denouncing corruption or police and business abuses).


10. The normalization of human cryopreservation (HC).


  1. The promotion of the legal regularization of the voluntary practice of human cryopreservation. HC allows us to hold unequivocal hopes of survival of “cellular deanimation”, commonly known as “death”, provided that adequate measures are taken. Many of us transhumanists and futurists are also cryonicists who believe that the option of HC, as part of the right to life, should be a fundamental human right.
  2. The promotion of the legal regularization of the voluntary practice of medical biostasis (pre-mortem or pre-agonal HC) in patients with terminal conditions and brain degenerative diseases.
  3. The legal recognition of cryonically preserved persons as “alive”, albeit in a state of cryostasis.


11. The expansion of our species outside of planet Earth, as a driver of progress and a guarantor of survival.


12. Political activism in order to improve global governance. In particular:


  1. The promotion of debate forums and of measures or strategies in line with these Principles at the European Parliament and the United Nations.
  2. The promotion of full-sample polls and referendums amongst the world’s citizenry.
  3. The promotion of an Advisory Parliament for Humanity.





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